1988–1991 Epic : Saturday Serials Trading Cards

1988 Epic - Saturday Serials Series 1 - Title Card

In 1988 and 1991, Epic released trading card sets showcasing heroes of the early 20th century film serials. The 1988 series of Saturday Serials was sold as a complete 40-card set and four-card packs that include a Lone Ranger sticker. The card images are printed in black-and-white. Superman appears on the 1988 title card with The Phantom, Captain America, and Flash Gordon.

1988 Epic - Saturday Serials - 4 - Superman

Each card back depicts a title card image, a list of serial chapters, or a story synopsis. The 1988 series features three publicity stills from the 1950 Columbia Pictures serial Atom Man vs. Superman. Kirk Alyn is the first actor to portray Superman and Clark Kent on film, originally starring in the 1948 serial Superman.

1988 Epic - Saturday Serials - 6 - Superman

Noel Neill, the first live-action Lois Lane, appears with Superman on card #5. Neill was previously known for her portrayals of Betty Rogers, a high-school newspaper reporter. Her father David Neill was an editor of the Minneapolis Star Journal newspaper.

1988 Epic - Saturday Serials - 5 - Superman & Lois Lane

Neill later portrayed Lois Lane in seasons 2–6 of The Adventures of Superman television series from 1953–1958. Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill appeared uncredited as Sam and Ella Lane in the 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve.

1991 Epic - Saturday Serials Series 2 - Title Card

Epic issued a second 40-card series in 1991. Saturday Serials #2 was sold in yellow wax packs and complete sets. The numbering format is continued from the previous set. The updated series includes four full-color cards. The 1991 card backs depict a title card, a list of serial chapters, or a puzzle piece. The completed Green Hornet puzzle image appears on the back of card #79.

1991 Epic - Saturday Serials Series 2 - 60 - Superman

Kirk Alyn appears as Superman on three cards in Saturday Serials #2. The production images are from the 15-part Superman serial released by Columbia Pictures in 1948. A tie-in with the Fo-Lee Gum Corp. placed an introductory advertisement for Superman Bubble Gum at participating theaters.

1991 Epic - Saturday Serials Series 2 - 60 - Superman

1988 Series 1 Checklist
1 Batman Titles
2 Batman Chapters
3 Batman Story
4 Atom Man vs. Superman Titles
5 Atom Man vs. Superman Chapters
6 Atom Man vs. Superman Story
7 Radar Men from the Moon Titles
8 Radar Men from the Moon Chapters
9 Radar Men from the Moon Story
10 Flash Gordon Titles
11 Flash Gordon Chapters
12 Flash Gordon Story
13 Zorro Rides Again Titles
14 Zorro Rides Again Chapters
15 Zorro Rides Again Story
16 The Spider Returns Titles
17 The Spider Returns Chapters
18 The Spider Returns Story
19 Captain America Titles
20 Captain America Chapters
21 Captain America Story
22 Mandrake the Magician Titles
23 Mandrake the Magician Chapters
24 Mandrake the Magician Story
25 Adventures of Captain Marvel Titles
26 Adventures of Captain Marvel Chapters
27 Adventures of Captain Marvel Story
28 The Lone Ranger Rides Again Titles
29 The Lone Ranger Rides Again Chapters
30 The Lone Ranger Rides Again Story
31 Green Hornet Titles
32 Green Hornet Chapters
33 Green Hornet Story
34 The Phantom Titles
35 The Phantom Chapters
36 The Phantom Story
37 Blackhawk Titles
38 Blackhawk Chapters
39 Blackhawk Story
40 Title Card Checklist
1991 Series 2 Checklist
41 The Lone Ranger  Titles
42 The Lone Ranger Chapters
43 The Lone Ranger Puzzle Piece
44 Drums of Fu Manchu Titles
45 Drums of Fu Manchu Chapters
46 Drums of Fu Manchu Puzzle Piece
47 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Titles
48 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Chapters
49 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Puzzle Piece
50 Captain Video Titles
51 Captain Video Chapters
52 Captain Video Puzzle Piece
53 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. Titles
54 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. Chapters
55 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. Puzzle Piece
56 Zombies of the Stratosphere Titles
57 Zombies of the Stratosphere Chapters
58 Zombies of the Stratosphere Puzzle Piece
59 Superman Titles
60 Superman Chapters
61 Superman Puzzle Piece
62 Captain Midnight Titles
63 Captain Midnight Chapters
64 Captain Midnight Puzzle Piece
65 Batman and Robin Titles
66 Batman and Robin Chapters
67 Batman and Robin Puzzle Piece
68 The Shadow Titles Titles
69 The Shadow Chapters Chapters
70 The Shadow Puzzle Piece
71 The Green Hornet Strikes Again Titles
72 The Green Hornet Strikes Again Chapters
73 The Green Hornet Strikes Again Puzzle Piece
74 Spy Smasher Titles
75 Spy Smasher Chapters
76 Spy Smasher Puzzle Piece
77 Buck Rogers Titles
78 Buck Rogers Chapters
79 Buck Rogers Green Hornet Puzzle
80 Title Card Checklist

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