Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

On April 26, 1995, SkyBox International released a trading card set based on the first season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The television series starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher aired for four seasons on ABC from September 12, 1993, to June 14, 1997.

1995 SkyBox Lois & Clark - L&C2 - Lois & Superman Promo

Retail boxes contain 36 packs of 8 cards. The Jumbo Box contains 24 packs of 14 cards. Both editions include a Superman emblem tattoo in each pack. A collector pin was also packaged with each box. The base set is comprised of 90 cards, six tattoos, and two insert sets. The base cards and promos are orientated in landscape format. The chase inserts are displayed in portrait format.

1995 SkyBox Lois & Clark - 02 - Superman

The odds of finding a "Diffuser Chip Foil" insert are approximately 1:7 packs. The backs of the 9-card set form a "Love in Metropolis" puzzle image of Lois and Clark.

1995 SkyBox Lois & Clark - L&C9 - Ooh Superman (BGS 9)

"Holochip Prismatic Foil" insert odds are about 1:15 packs. The 6-card subset features exclusive artwork painted by Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo.

1995 SkyBox : Lois & Clark Superman - BJ5 - Date With An Angel

The October 10, 1993, episode "I'm Looking Through You," featured a Superman Day event in Metropolis. Members of the Superman creative team from the Triangle Era make appearances during the festivities. Card #31 features cameos from colorist Glenn Whitmore, editor Mike Carlin, Action Comics artist Denis Rodier, and Superman artist Brett Breeding.

1995 SkyBox - Lois & Clark - 34 - Look! Up in the Sky!

Multi-sport icon Bo Jackson is depicted on card #88, "What Bo doesn't know..." Bo Jackson appeared in episode 17, "The Rival", that first aired on February 27, 1994.
Promo cards and prototypes were distributed through dealers and magazines. "The Power of Heat Vision" was included with the February/March 1995 issue of Non-Sport Update magazine.

1995 SkyBox Lois & Clark - LC1 - Look... Up in the Sky!

The Lois & Clark card series was featured on the cover Tuff Stuff's Collect! magazine dated February 1995. The cover depicts "The Man of Steel" painted by Boris Vallejo. The issue includes an article about collecting Superman trading cards from 1940 to 1995.

Tuff Stuff's Collect! Magazine - Vol. 2 No. 12, February 19951995 SkyBox - Lois & Clark - Advertisement

Lois & Clark was also featured on two collectible cards issued by TV Week in Australia in 1994 and 1996.

1995 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
01 Lois & Clark - Title Card
02 Superman
03 Clark Kent
04 Lois Lane
05 Lex Luthor
06 Perry White
07 Martha Kent
08 Jonathan Kent
09 Jimmy Olsen
10 Cat Grant
11 The Last Days of Krypton
12 One Last Hope ...
13 A Planet Dies!
14 A Normal Kansas Farm Boy?
15 New In Metropolis
16 The Daily Planet
17 Interview with the Editor
18 A Friendly Warning
19 Lexcorp Lends a Hand
20 What's His Secret?
21 Captured!
22 Clark to the ... Rescue?
23 Partners in Peril
24 What a Save!
25 Good Idea, Bad Start
26 Clothes Make the Superman
27 In Trouble ... Again!
28 Mmm ... Needs a Little Salt!
29 The Superman of Her Dreams
30 Up ... Up ... And Away!
31 I'll Drop You Off At Work.
32 Metropolis Isn't Big Enough ...
33 The Beginning of a Beautiful ... Friendship?
34 Look! Up in the Sky!
35 More Powerful than a ... Speeding Bus?
36 Super-Heavyweight
37 A Shocking Rescue
38 Fire in His Eyes
39 Nuclear Arms
40 Hot Shot!
41 Air-Born
42 A Sign of Power
43 What's the Frequency, Clark?
44 Bulletproof!
45 A Cold Front
46 Where's the Aspirin?
47 Head in the Clouds
48 One-Man Demolition Crew!
49 Typical Boy Next Door
50 This is a Job for Superman!
51 A Kryptonite Crypt
52 A Dangerous Discovery
53 Bureau 39
54 The Super-Clone
55 Surprise!
56 In the Days of the Mob
57 Smark Kids
58 Under a Spell
59 The Invisible Man
60 She's No Bubble-Head
61 Lois & Superman
62 Lois & Clark
63 Lois & Lex
64 Feline Flirtations
65 Who's Falling for Whom?
66 Lex to the Rescue!
67 We've Heard So Much About You!
68 What's a Superman To Do?
69 The Way to Superman's Heart ...
70 The First Kiss ... Or the Last?
71 Superman and Wife?
72 Home Away from Home
73 Be Mine!
74 I've Always Loved You!
75 Do You Love Me?
76 Noooooooooooo!
77 Do You, Lois, Take This Man ...
78 Just Friends?
79 Monkey in the Middle
80 Artist's Rendition
81 Some Cute Chick!
82 Metropolis Mug Shot
83 Great Shades of Elvis!
84 Melodies from Memory Lane
85 This is a Job for ... Lex-Man!
86 The Dream Team
87 Home Court Advantage?
88 What Bo Doesn't Know ...
89 Superman vs. Superstar
90 Lois & Clark Checklist
1 per pack
1 Magenta and Green
2 Blue and Green
3 Blue and Orange
4 Blue and Pink
5 Orange and Purple
6 Red and Yellow

Holochip Etched Foils
1:12 packs
BJ1 Romantic Triangle Julie Bell
BJ2 Hot Couple of Reporters Julie Bell
BJ3 Belle Curve Julie Bell
BJ4 Man of Steel Boris Vallejo
BJ5 Date with an Angel Boris Vallejo
BJ6 Opposites Attract Boris Vallejo
Diffuser Chip Foils
1:7 packs
L&C 1 Love in Metropolis
L&C 2 Logos and Tattoos
L&C 3 Able to Leap
L&C 4 Fast Power Truth Leap
L&C 5 The New Adventures of Superman
L&C 6 I want to fly with you
L&C 7 You're a Man I'm a Woman
Do you want me to draw a diagram
L&C 8 More Powerful than a locomotive
L&C 9 Ooh Superman...
Promo Cards
LC1 Look.. Up In The Sky!
LC2 Lois & Superman
L&C1 Love in Metropolis Prototype
L&C2 Logos and Tattoos Prototype
NSU1 The Power of Heat Vision Feb/Mar 1995 Non-Sport Update

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