1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Superman Action Packs

Brainiac has control of your mind!!

Superman Action Packs were released by Fleer/SkyBox International in September 1996. The collection features characters from Superman: The Animated Series designed by Bruce Timm and James Tucker. Character models from the Superman: The Animated Series Style Guide were illustrated by Erik Doescher and Mike DeCarlo. The cartoon debuted as a WB! Network primetime movie on September 6, 1996. The series aired on the Kids' WB network until February 12, 2000.

There are 48 packs in each box. Every pack contains two "Brainiac Attack" cards, two die-cut "Pop-Outs," a puzzle card, a coloring card, and a gum card. Randomly inserted decals promote the Superman Collectible Stickers set released in 1996 by Panini and SkyBox.

"Brainiac Attack" cards form a 12-piece puzzle that functions as an activity board game. The base card backs contain "Power Feat" challenges for players to complete during gameplay.

One of six black-and-white Coloring Cards is inserted into each pack.
The die-cut character "Pop-Outs" are used as game pieces for each player.

The back of each puzzle piece is numbered for players to randomly draw, similar to a dice roll.

A complete checklist is comprised of 36 cards and 4 gum inserts.

1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Superman Action Packs
Brainiac Attack
2 per pack
1 Mind Over Matter
2 Brute Force
3 Surprise Attack
4 Krypton's Might
5 Express Time
6 Direct Hit
7 A Closer Look
8 On the Scene
9 Hero of Metropolis
10 Solid Punch
11 Quick Change
12 Meltdown
2 per pack
P1 Superman
P2 Lois Lane
P3 Jimmy Olsen
P4 Man of Steel
P5 Jor-El
P6 Lex Luthor
P7 Man of Tomorrow
P8 Brainiac
P9 Bizarro
P10 Last Son of Krypton
P11 Jax-Ur
P12 Darkseid
1 per pack
Pz1 Ready to Defend
Pz2 Cosmic Menace
Pz3 City in Peril!
Pz4 Airborne
Pz5 Hero on Patrol
Pz6 Justice From Above
Coloring Cards
1 per pack
C1 Easy Landing
C2 To the Rescue!
C3 Heat Vision
C4 Action Ready
C5 Face-Off!
C6 Total Power
Superman Gum
1 per pack
- Superman
- Superman
- Superman
- Superman

Sticker Promos
1 per pack
- Superman
- Lois Lane
- Lex Luthor
- Clark Kent
- Superman & Brainiac
- Superman & Train
- Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
- Superman vs. Darkseid
- Superman vs. LexoSkel 5000
- Superman at Daily Planet
Promo Cards
P1 Superman Pop-Out
P5 Jor-El Pop-Out
- Promo Gum

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