1996 SkyBox : Superman Holo Series Premiere Edition

1996 SkyBox : Superman Holo Series Premiere Edition

The First Three-Dimensional Hologram Card Set Ever!

1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Superman Holo Series - Dealer Sheet

In June 1996, SkyBox International released four different Premiere Editions of the Superman Holo Series, the first all-hologram card set from DC Comics. All artwork for the series was created exclusively for SkyBox. The 3-D holographic images were digitally rendered by Visual Logic. SkyBox later released a similar Batman Holo Series the same year.

The base set and "HoloAction" inserts come in four color parallels: silver, bronze, gold, and red. Retail boxes and silver emblem packs contain all silver cards. There are two gold base parallels in each gold emblem Hobby Edition pack. Boxes distributed by Sam's Club and Wal-Mart contain two bronze parallels per pack. Red hologram cards are limited to 400 copies each. Red parallels are found in specially marked boxes sold by Vintage Sports Cards.

1996 SkyBox : Superman Holo Series - H3 - Doomsday

"HoloAction" insert odds are approximately 1:3 packs for all four editions. Vintage boxes include two bonus red "HoloAction" cards.

1996 SkyBox : Superman Holo Series - H4 - The Parasite

The translucent Man of Steel "HoloCel" insert depicts Superman flying over the Daily Planet. The odds of finding a Man of Steel "HoloCel" are approximately 1:36 packs from all four editions.

1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Superman Holo Series - H1  - Man of Steel Holocel

The promo cards feature the same Chris Renaud illustration of Superman from the checklist card #50. A promo variation stamped with a blue-foil Kenner logo was distributed in the FAO Schwarz: The History of Superman commemorative set. The image appears in color on the cover Combo #19 (August 1996). The magazine sponsored a contest to win Superman Holo Series uncut sheets.

1996 SkyBox : DC Kenner & FAO Schwarz: The History of Superman - Superman Holo Series Promo Kenner Variation

Original pencil artboards have been observed in private collections. 3-D production models, test sheets, and uncut six-card panels were distributed through a hobby promotion by Fleer/SkyBox and Kings Sports Cards. Large quantities of "HoloCel" inserts and uncut panels were released to the public during the Fleer/SkyBox bankruptcy auction on September 9, 2005, at the Radisson Hotel in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

1996 Fleer / SkyBox - Superman Holo Series Advertisement

Silver (Retail), Gold (Hobby), Bronze (WalMart), Red (Vintage)
1 Menace Over Metropolis! Norm Breyfogle
2 Rockets From Fire! Norm Breyfogle
3 Insectoid Attack! Norm Breyfogle
4 Target: The Daily Planet Norm Breyfogle
5 Lois Lane Stuart Immonen
6 Perry White Mike Collins, John Nyberg
7 Jimmy Olsen Mike Collins, Barbara Kaalberg
8 To The Rescue! Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
9 Looking Hot! Darick Robertson, John Nyberg
10 Power Move! Darick Robertson, John Nyberg
11 Swift Justice Darick Robertson, John Nyberg
12 Maggie Sawyer Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
13 The Guardian Rik Levins, John Nyberg
14 Fired Up! Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
15 Overwhelmed! Rik Levins, Barbara Kaalberg
16 Heavy Mettle Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
17 "Don't Call Me Superboy!" Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
18 The Eradicator Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
19 Girl of Steel Mike Collins, John Nyberg
20 Like Gangbusters! Paul Pelletier, Chip Wallace
21 Alpha Centurion Stuart Immonen
22 The Thorn Norm Breyfogle
23 Wonder Woman Mike Collins, John Nyberg
24 Lex Luthor Rik Levins, John Nyberg
25 Man of Machines Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
26 Power Drain Norm Breyfogle
27 Infernal Imp Chris Renaud, John Nyberg
28 Brain Storm! Rik Levins, John Nyberg
29 A Real Player Chris Renaud
30 Shadowdragon Brett Breeding
31 Metallo Darick Robertson, John Nyberg
32 History Lesson? Rik Levins, John Nyberg
33 In the Beginning Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
34 Quelling Panic Rik Levins, Chip Wallace
35 A Hero in Chains! Mike Collins, Chip Wallace
36 Bizarre Foe Norm Breyfogle
37 Channeled Hate Dan Jurgens
38 Fists of Doom Dan Jurgens
39 The Price of Victory Mike Collins, Chip Wallace
40 Comeback Trial Barry Kitson, Barbara Kaalberg
41 The Solution Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
42 S.T.A.R. Rules! Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
43 Unjust Cause Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
44 Light Fight! Barry Kitson, Barbara Kaalberg
45 Mongul Pau Pelletier, John Nyberg
46 Lord Satanus Norm Breyfogle
47 On the Darkseid Chris Renaud, Barbara Kaalberg
48 Meltdown! Chris Batista, Chip Wallace
49 The Hero Confirmed Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
50 Checklist Chris Renaud
Silver (Retail), Gold (Hobby), Bronze (WalMart), Red (Vintage)
H1 The Cyborg Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
H2 Blaze Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
H3 Doomsday Dan Jurgens, John Nyberg
H4 Parasite Dan Jurgens
1:36 packs
Man of Steel HoloCel
NNO Chris Renaud
NNO Stamped Kenner Variant
FAO Schwarz: The History of Superman
Chris Renaud

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