Topps / A&BC Gum : Superman in the Jungle

The Latest Adventures of the World's #1 Super Hero

1966 Topps : Superman In The Jungle - Test Display Box

Superman in the Jungle is a 66-card set, first released as a test issue in 1966 by Topps Chewing Gum in 1966. The cards were sold in wax packs for five cents. Each box contains 24 packs and each pack includes a piece of bubble gum and a die-cut jigsaw puzzle piece.

Superman in the Jungle base cards and wrapper art were penciled by Al Plastino. Inks and color separations are by Norman Saunders. The display box and jigsaw puzzle was painted by Saunders. The writer for the series is unconfirmed.

1968 A&BC Gum : Superman In The Jungle - #3 - A Job For Superman

Clark and Lois are sent on assignment to "the Congo" in Africa. Superman goes up against native tribesmen, wild animals, Lex Luthor, and Mister Mxyzptlk. Superman in the Jungle failed to grab consumer attention in American test markets. The series was cancelled in 1966.

1968 A&BC Gum : Superman In The Jungle - #3 - A Job For Superman

Superman in the Jungle was distributed in the UK by A&BC Gum Ltd. The A&BC wax packs originally sold for three pence and each box contains 48 packs. Each pack contains bubble gum and a jigsaw puzzle piece.

1968 A&BC Gum : Superman In The Jungle Wrapper

The UK cards and puzzle pieces are approximately 2.15 x 3.15 inches (8 x 5.5 cm), smaller than a standard trading card.

1968 A&BC Gum Ltd. : Superman in the Jungle (Jigsaw Puzzle 4 and 7)

The Topps Vault has released the original artworks, mockups, and color proof sets to the public. Reprints of card #21, "Blasting the Python," were featured as special inserts in the 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary series.

2013 Topps 75th Anniversary Test Cards - 1 - Superman in the Jungle 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary Test Cards - 1 - Superman in the Jungle

1 Assignment - Africa
2 Luthor Escapes
3 A Job for Superman
4 A Jungle Inferno
5 Superman to the Rescue
6 Snuffing Out the Flames
7 Steel on Steel
8 A Grateful People
9 A Leopard Lurks
10 The Leopard Leaps
11 Luthor's Laboratory
12 The Ghastly Gorilla
13 Jimmy in Jeopardy
14 Rocking the Rhino
15 The Perilous Panther
16 Fangs of Death
17 Escape by X-Ray
18 Crisis on the Congo
19 In the Nick of Time
20 Jungle Ambush
21 Blasting the Python
22 The Evil Luthor Lurks
23 The Lost City
24 Kidnapping Congo Style
25 Into the Lost City
26 Jimmy on the Spot
27 Before Mighty Kryptonia
28 A Blade in the Back
29 Head On Collision
30 The Sinister Plotters
31 Surprise! Surprise!
32 Useless Attack
33 Demolishing the Gun
34 Zoruk the Terrible
35 Round One to Superman
36 Kryptonite Kayo
37 The Unconscious Superman
38 Luthor Triumphant
39 Powerless before Kryptonia
40 Superman Nears Death
41 Miraculous Madness
42 Superman Unchained
43 Lois Poses a Puzzle
44 One Down - One to Go
45 Luthor's Last Trick
46 The Awesome Android
47 Stunned Superman
48 Prehistoric Peril
49 Out of Harm's Way
50 A Trap Is Sprung
51 An Awesome Apparition
52 The Dragon Disappears
53 Duel of Titans
54 Superman Strikes
55 The Arms of Death
56 Clouted by Kryptonius
57 The Chilling Climax
58 And Now - Attack
59 Snatched from the Sky
60 The Secret Is Spilled
61 Victory at Last
62 Verdict for a Villain
63 A Final Vow
64 Taking Precautions
65 A Puzzling Mystery
66 The Astonishing Answer

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