1966 Whitman : Superman Card Game

The Superman Card Game was released in the UK by Whitman Publishing Co. in 1966. The cards are bridge-sized and measure 2.25 x 3.5 inches (57 x 89 mm). The card game was copyright in the United States on May 9, 1966.
There are are 45 cards in a deck. Superman appears on the header card and three different playing cards.
Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, and Perry White are also featured. There are two copies of each supporting character included.

Each card is copyrighted by N.P.P.I., National Periodical Publications, Inc. A similar Batman Card Game was released the same year. Whitman also released a different Superman Card Game in 1978.

1966 Whitman : Superman Card Game
Bus Driver
Clark Kent
Cleaning Woman
Header Card
Jimmy Olson
Lois Lane
Perry White
Rules Card
Superman (Aqua)
Superman (Orange)
Superman (Yellow)

Superman Card Game Rules

Shuffle the cards, and deal one at a time until all the cards have been distributed. (Players will not all have the same number of cards.)
Each player arranges his hand and lays down any pairs he has been dealt.

Player to dealer's left begins by drawing a card from the dealer's hand. If he can make a pair he lays them down.
Play then moves clock-wise, the player on the left taking a card from the player on his right. The game continues until all the cards have been paired.
If a player has used all his cards he waits until his opponents have played all of theirs.
The first player to use all his cards receives a bonus of five points, but his pairs can still be captured.

Using the points on each card the scores are then added up and recorded.
The first player to reach a score of 50 or the player with the highest score over 50 is the winner. A Superman card has no value alone.
However, it can be used to (a) cancel out a pair of minus cards, (b) capture an opponent's pair, (c) protect one of player's own pairs.
It is placed on top of the pair it has captured, cancelled out, or protected from being captured. Players must wait their turn before using a Superman card.
After playing the Superman card they also draw the player on their right. Once a Superman card is used it cannot be used again.

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