2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards II

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards II

Cryptozoic Entertainment released the second series of DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards on October 17, 2018. DC Comics Bombshells were originally designed by Ant Lucia in 2011. The concept first launched in 2013 as a line of figures depicting DC Comics superheroines in a 1940s pin-up style.

Hobby boxes contain 24 packs of 5 cards. There are 12 boxes in a case. Inside of each box is one "Golden Goddess" or "Golden God" vinyl figure of either Harley Quinn, Raven, Starfire, Superman, or The Joker. Bronze variant figures are found in approximately 1:12 boxes. The odds of finding a 1/1 hand-painted variant figure are approximately 1:60 boxes. Boxes also include a hand-drawn sketch from one of 108 different artists.

In the DC Comics Bombshells universe, Superman is the clone of a Supergirl raised in the Soviet Union. The strongman leotard and emblem is reminiscent of Superman concepts by Joe Shuster in 1936. Superman appears on five cards in Series II: Base card #44 features Superman artwork by Sanna U.

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells II - 44 - Superman

Base card #57 is an illustration of Superman and Power Girl by Rafael Sa.

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells II - 57 - Superman

Superman is appears on card A07 in the "Lil Bombshells Production Sketch" subset designed by Pedro Astudillo.

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells II - A07 - Superman

An illustration of Superman is featured on "CZ STR PWR" card ST04.

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells II - STR PWR ST04 - Superman

"Terrific Twosome!" card T6 depicts Power Girl and Superman. The artwork is by Mitch Ballard.

2018 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells II - T6 - Power Girl & Superman

Cryptozoic first released DC Comics Bombshells trading cards in the 2014 DC Comics Epic Battles trading card series. Cryptozoic released Series I of DC Comics Bombshells cards in 2017, and Series III in 2019.

Base Checklist
Gold Deco Foil 1:3, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8, Printing Plates 1:247
01 Wonder Woman Juri H. Chinchilla
02 Harley Quinn Juri H. Chinchilla
03 Eloisa Lane Juri H. Chinchilla
04 Catwoman Juri H. Chinchilla
05 Black Canary Juri H. Chinchilla
06 Zatanna Juri H. Chinchilla
07 Hawkgirl Juri H. Chinchilla
08 Poison Ivy Juri H. Chinchilla
09 Vixen Juri H. Chinchilla
10 Batgirl Patrick Finch
11 Margaret Sawyer Patrick Finch
12 Stargirl Patrick Finch
13 Killer Frost Patrick Finch
14 Power Girl Patrick Finch
15 Faora Hu-Ul Patrick Finch
16 Wonder Woman Patrick Finch
17 Black Canary Patrick Finch
18 Harley Quinn Patrick Finch
19 The Huntress Alberto Silva
20 Batman Alberto Silva
21 Raven Alberto Silva
22 Ravager Alberto Silva
23 Starfire Alberto Silva
24 Supergirl Alberto Silva
25 Katana Alberto Silva
26 Aquaman Alberto Silva
27 Mera Alberto Silva
28 Poison Ivy Benjamin Clendenning
29 Eloisa Lane Benjamin Clendenning
30 The Flash Benjamin Clendenning
31 Hawkgirl Benjamin Clendenning
32 Green Lantern Benjamin Clendenning
33 Talia al Ghul Benjamin Clendenning
34 Catwoman Benjamin Clendenning
35 Big Barda Benjamin Clendenning
36 The Cheetah Benjamin Clendenning
37 Stargirl Sanna U
38 The Huntress Sanna U
39 Wonder Woman Sanna U
40 Starfire Sanna U
41 The Joker's Daughter Sanna U
42 Sinestro Sanna U
43 Katana Sanna U
44 Superman Sanna U
45 Platinum Sanna U
46 Harley Quinn C4nbaran
47 Raven C4nbaran
48 Nightwing C4nbaran
49 Arisia Rrab C4nbaran
50 Star Sapphire C4nbaran
51 The Flash C4nbaran
52 Big Barda C4nbaran
53 Poison Ivy C4nbaran
54 Amanda Waller C4nbaran
55 Katana Rafael Sa
56 Supergirl Rafael Sa
57 Superman Rafael Sa
58 Batman Rafael Sa
59 Batgirl Rafael Sa
60 Hawkgirl Rafael Sa
61 Zatanna Rafael Sa
62 Mera Rafael Sa
63 Katana Rafael Sa
64 Checklist
Production Sketch
Gold Deco Foil 1:3, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8, Printing Plates 1:247
A01 Wonder Woman Pedro Astudillo
A02 Batman Pedro Astudillo
A03 Catwoman Pedro Astudillo
A04 Poison Ivy Pedro Astudillo
A05 Harley Quinn Pedro Astudillo
A06 The Joker Pedro Astudillo
A07 Superman Pedro Astudillo
A08 Big Barda Pedro Astudillo
A09 Ravager Pedro Astudillo
New Bombshells Covers
Gold Deco Foil 1:3, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8, Printing Plates 1:247
C1 #26: Supergirl Ant Lucia
C2 #27: Harley Quinn Ant Lucia
C3 #28: Eloisa Lane Marguerite Sauvage
C4 #29: Power Girl Ant Lucia
C5 #30: Zatanna Laura Braga
C6 #31: Killer Frost Ant Lucia
C7 #32: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn Mirka Andolfo
C8 #33: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl Ant Lucia
C9 Annual #1: Batgirl Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Gold Deco Foil 1:3, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8, Printing Plates 1:247
G1 Batwoman Francois Chartier
G2 Harper Row Eric Schock
G3 Cullen Row Jose Carlos Sanchez
G4 Nell Little Vinicius Moura
G5 Felicity Smoak Sanna U
G6 Alysia Yeoh c4nbaran
G7 Kathy Duquesne Leon Braojos
G8 Bette Kane Andres Cruz
G9 Robin Matias Streb
Terrific Twosome!
Gold Deco Foil 1:3, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8, Printing Plates 1:247
T1 Wonder Woman & Supergirl Norvierto Payupan Basio
T2 Mera & Aquaman Vincent Pietro Moavero
T3 Catwoman & Batman Marcia Dye
T4 Black Canary & Green Arrow Vincent Pietro Moavero
T5 Catwoman & Batman Emanuel Braga
T6 Power Girl & Superman Mitch Ballard
T7 Killer Frost & The Penguin Melike Acar
T8 Harley Quinn & The Joker Jason Saldajeno
T9 Big Barda & Kimiyo Hoshi Alberto Silva
Membership Cards
1:28 packs, #/599
V1 The Bombshells
V2 The Batgirls
V3 Wonder Girls
V4 Suicide Squad
V5 Joker's Daughter's Cabaret Club
V6 Daily Planet
V7 Arkham Ward
V8 Gotham City Police Department
V9 Harley Quinn's Circus
Red 1:144, Silver 1:288, Gold #/25, Black 1/1
ST01 Wonder Woman
ST02 Harley Quinn
ST03 Batwoman
ST04 Superman
ST05 Batman
ST06 The Joker
ST07 Hawkgirl
ST08 Batgirl
ST09 Eloisa Lane
ST10 Catwoman