2017 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards

Cryptozoic Entertainment released the first series of DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards on October 4, 2017. DC Comics Bombshells were originally designed by Ant Lucia in 2011. The concept first launched in 2013 as a line of figures depicting DC Comics superheroines in a 1940s pin-up style.
Hobby boxes contain 24 packs of 5 cards. There are 12 boxes in a case. Inside of each box is one "Golden Goddess" vinyl figure of either Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, or Supergirl. Boxes also include a hand-drawn sketch from one of 93 different artists.
In the DC Comics Bombshells universe, Superman is the clone of a Supergirl raised in the Soviet Union. Superman appears on three cards in the 2017 series. Card A04 depicts Supergirl and Superman. The artwork by Ant Lucia was featured on the variant cover of Action Comics, Volume 2, #43. Card A09 reprints the variant cover of Superman/Wonder Woman #20. The artwork is by Terry and Rachel Dodson. A step-by-step creation process can be viewed on the artist website.
Superman is also featured on card N3 in the "Bombshells Men" subset. The subset contains Copper Deco, Rainbow Foil, and Printing Plate parallels. The odds of finding a "Bombshells Men" insert are approximately 1:8 packs, or three per hobby box.
The precise number of sketch cards depicting Superman is currently unlisted.

Cryptozoic previously released DC Comics Bombshells inserts in the 2014 DC Comics Epic Battles trading card series. Cryptozoic released additional sets of DC Comics Bombshells cards in 2018 and 2019.

DC Comics Bombshells Covers
(Copper Deco Foil 1:3 packs, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8 packs, Printing Plates 1:250)
No. Issue Characters
H01 Vol. 1, #1 Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman
H02 Vol. 1, #2 Wonder Woman, Mera
H03 Vol. 1, #3 Zatanna, John Constantine
H04 Vol. 1, #4 Harley Quinn
H05 Vol. 1, #5 Wonder Woman
H06 Vol. 1, #6 Catwoman, Batwoman
H07 Vol. 1, #7 Batgirls
H08 Vol. 1, #8 Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Stargirl
H09 Vol. 1, #9 Mera
H10 Vol. 1, #10 Catwoman, Batwoman, Huntress
H11 Vol. 1, #15 Aquaman, Mera
H12 Vol. 1, #16 Zatanna, Raven, Constantine
H13 Vol. 1, #17 Harley Quinn, Zatanna, Catwoman
H14 Vol. 1, #18 Mera: Joker's Daughter
H15 Vol. 1, #19 Batgirls
H16 Vol. 1, #20 Queen Mari
H17 Vol. 1, #21 Hawkgirl
H18 Vol. 1, #22 Cheetah
H19 Vol. 1, #23 Supergirl, Wonder Woman
H20 Vol. 1, #24 Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman
H21 Vol. 1, #25 Suicide Squad
August 2014 Cover Variants
J01 Action Comics, Vol. 2 #32 Supergirl
J02 Earth 2, Vol. 1 #24 Hawkgirl
J03 Green Lantern, Vol. 5 #32 Arisa
J04 Batgirl, Vol. 4 #32 Batgirl
J05 Detective Comics, Vol. 2 #32 Poison Ivy
J06 Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 3 #32 Star Sapphire
J07 Justice League United, Vol. 1 #2 Stargirl
J08 Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 #9 Wonder Woman, Supergirl
J09 Batman and Robin, Vol. 2 #32 Talia Al Ghul
J10 Batman/Superman, Vol. 1 #12 Supergirl, Batgirl
J11 Batwoman, Vol. 2 #32 Batwoman
J12 Harley Quinn, Vol. 2 #7 Harley Quinn
J13 Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 1 #32 Starfire
J14 Wonder Woman, Vol. 4 #32 Wonder Woman
J15 Aquaman, Vol. 7 #32 Mera
J16 Batman, Vol. 2 #32 Duela Dent: Joker's Daughter
J17 Catwoman, Vol. 4 #32 Catwoman
J18 The Flash, Vol. 4 #32 Flash
J19 Justice League Dark, Vol. 1 #32 Zatanna, John Constantine
J20 Superman, Vol. 3 #32 Lois Lane
J21 Justice League, Vol. 2 #32 Platinum
October 2015 Cover Variants
A01 Detective Comics, Vol. 2 #43 Huntress
A02 Green Lantern, Vol. 5 #43 Hal Jordan: Green Lantern
A03 Batman/Superman, Vol. 1 #23 Batgirl, Lois Lane
A04 Action Comics, Vol. 2 #43 Superman, Power Girl
A05 Batman, Vol. 2 #43 Batman: Bruce Wayne
A06 Catwoman, Vol. 4 #43 Catwoman
A07 New Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 #11 Poison Ivy, Cheetah
A08 Green Arrow, Vol. 5 #43 Black Canary
A09 Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 #20 Wonder Woman, Superman
A10 Harley Quinn, Vol. 2 #19 Harley Quinn, The Joker
A11 Secret Six, Vol. 4 #5 Harley Quinn
A12 Justice League, Vol. 2 #43 Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Mera
A13 Wonder Woman, Vol. 4 #43 Cheetah
A14 Justice League of America, Vol. 4 #3 Wonder Woman
A15 Superman, Vol. 3 #43 Supergirl
A16 The Flash, Vol. 4 #43 Killer Frost
A17 Grayson, Vol. 1 #11 Nightwing: Dick Grayson
A18 Teen Titans, Vol. 5 #11 Raven
A19 Deathstroke, Vol. 3 #9 The Ravager
A20 Aquaman, Vol. 7 #43 Aquaman
A21 Sinestro, Vol. 1 #43 Sinestro

Chase Cards
(Copper Deco Foil 1:3 packs, Rainbow Foil Board 1:8 packs, Printing Plates 1:250)
No. Title
Characters (1:2 packs)
C01 Black Canary
C02 Stargirl
C03 Zatanna
C04 Poison Ivy
C05 Harley Quinn
C06 Supergirl
C07 Wonder Woman
C08 Batgirl
C09 Catwoman
Sketches (1:3 packs)
V1 Batwoman
V2 Catwoman
V3 Supergirl
V4 Poison Ivy
V5 Harley Quinn
V6 Wonder Woman
Bombshells Men (1:8 packs)
N1 Aquaman
N2 Bruce Wayne
N3 Superman
Lil Bombshells (1:2 packs)
L01 Wonder Woman
L02 Catwoman
L03 Harley Quinn
L04 Poison Ivy
L05 Black Canary
L06 The Flash
L07 Batwoman
L08 Katana
L09 Hawkgirl
L10 Mera
L11 Zatanna
L12 Cheetah
L13 Supergirl
L14 Batgirl
L15 The Huntress
L16 Killer Frost
L17 Lois Lane
L18 Bumblebee
Pennant Sticker (1:24 packs)
K1 Black Canary / Wonder Woman
K2 The Batwoman / Poison Ivy
K3 Catwoman / Mera
K4 Supergirl / Harley Quinn
(Red 1:144 packs, Silver 1:288 packs, Gold #/25, Black 1/1)
S01 Black Canary
S02 Stargirl
S03 Zatanna
S04 Poison Ivy
S05 Harley Quinn
S06 Supergirl
S07 Wonder Woman
S08 Batgirl
S09 Catwoman
S10 Katana
S11 Hawkgirl
S12 Mera
Golden Goddess Vinyl Figure (2-3/4"; 1 per box)
Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn
Card Album (sold separately)
B1 She's Poison! (Poison Ivy exclusive card)

Sketch Card Artists
Al Ramon Fabián Quintero Melike Acar
Alberto Silva Francois Chartier Mick & Matt Glebe
Alex Starling Frank A. Kadar Mike Hartigan
Alfret Le Hanie Mohd Mike James
Ananda Ferreira Humberto Fuentes Mitch Ballard
Angelo Capua Israel Arteaga Nathan szerdy
Ariana Atanzio Jader Correa Nilberto Jorge
Autumn Frederickson Jahn Cardoso Norvierto Payupan Basio
Barush Merling Jason Phillips Orlando Baez
Benjamin Glendenning Jason Saldajeno Patrick Larcada
Brendon and Brian Fraim Jeremy R. Scott Plinio Marcos Pinto
Bukshot Jofel Cube Rafael Sa
C4NBARAN John Sloboda Raz Ortiz
Carlos Cabaleiro Jomar Bulda Rene Cordova
Cassio Batista Jose Carlos Sanchez Rich Molinelli
Chris Meeks Juan Francisco Roe Mesquita
Cloves Rodrigues Calzada Rubio Roger Goulart
Danielle Gransaull Jucylande Jr Rusty
Danny Silva Kate Carleton Ryan van der Draaij
Dave Beaty Kevin Sharpe Sanna U.
Deborah Colares Kristin Allen Scott Blair
Diego Mendes Leon Braojos Silice B
Diego Moreira Lucy Fidelis Thiago Kufa
Elvin A. Hernandez Luiz Claudio Thiago Vale
Elvis Moura Luro Hersal Tiee Santos
Emanuel Braga Mark Nasso Tony Perna
Eminy Lais Marllon Sheep Travis Walton
Eric Fournier Mary Zorilita Bellamy Ulisses Gabriel
Eric Schock Matias Streb Vicente Moavero
Erik Maell Matthew Sutton Vinicius Moura
Fabian Iturri MDye William Bowen Donley III

Promo Cards
No. Title Distribution
P1 The Metropolitan: Supergirl WonderCon, March 2017
P2 Mera Industry Summit, April 2017
P3 Cosmos: Stargirl Philly Non-Sports Card Show, April 2017
P4 Catwoman Magazine Non-Sport Update, June/July 2017
P5 The Canary Sings San Diego Comic-Con, July 2017
P6 Katana San Diego Comic-Con, July 2017
P7 Magic Conjuring Set: Zatanna San Diego Comic-Con, July 2017
P8 Stargirl San Diego Comic-Con, July 2017
P9 Harley Quinn San Diego Comic-Con, July 2017
P10 The Iceberg Lounge The National Sports Collectors Convention, July 2017
Statues Promo
Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Katana, Supergirl, Catwoman,
Wonder Woman, Mera, Stargirl, Poison Ivy
San Diego Comic-Con 2016

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