2009 McDonald's : Justice League Unlimited

The Justice League Unlimited card game was available with purchases of McDonald's Happy Meals in select countries. The cards were randomly distributed inside of eight toy cases shaped like a different team member. The toy set debuted in Australia and New Zealand on August 14, 2009.

The game cards measure 9 cm in height. The rules are based on the game of "rock, paper, scissors." There are eight team members and each card has a corresponding game symbol.

There were six toys sold in Malaysia from October 1-29, 2009. Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman cases were not included.

2007 McDonald's - Justice League Unlimited

Cards distributed by McDonald's China were printed by The ODM Group in Hong Kong.

2009 McDonald's China - Justice League Unlimited - Superman

Mattel released a Justice League Unlimited trading card set with a 2005 toyline.

In 2007, Justice League Unlimited: Heroes vs. Villains was released in the United States by Carl's Jr. and Hardee's.

In 2007, McDonald's issued a different JLU 50-card game and case set in Latin America.

2009 McDonald's : Justice League Unlimited
1 Superman
2 Superman
3 Superman
4 Batman
5 Batman
6 Batman
7 Green Lantern
8 Green Lantern
9 Green Lantern
10 The Flash
11 The Flash
12 The Flash
13 Martian Manhunter
14 Martian Manhunter
15 Martian Manhunter
16 Red Tornado
17 Red Tornado
18 Red Tornado
19 Wonder Woman
20 Wonder Woman
21 Wonder Woman
22 Hawkgirl
23 Hawkgirl
24 Hawkgirl

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