2007 Justice League Unlimited: Heroes vs. Villains

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's released a series of collectibles for the DVD release of Justice League Unlimited Season Two. The campaign began at Hardee's locations in the Midwest and Southeast on April 23, 2007, and May 2 at Carl's Jr. locations. The promotion ended on June 7, 2007. Cool Kids Combos included one of three figures or a deck of Heroes vs. Villains mini game cards.
2007 Cool Kids Combos - Justice League Unlimited
The deck contains an instruction card and 24 game cards, each depicting a different character from the JLU series. The rules are similar to the card game of War. The objective of the game is to win all of the cards.

Mattel released Justice League Unlimited collector cards with a 2005 toyline. In 2009, a different JLU card game was released worldwide in McDonald's Happy Meals.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's also issued a set of collectible cards in Cool Kids Combos for the 2013 release of Man of Steel. Carl's Cool Kids relaunched as Carl's Star Pals on June 19, 2019.

2007 Justice League Unlimited: Heroes vs. Villains
1 The Atom
1 Elongated Man
1 Wildcat
2 Black Canary
2 Green Arrow
2 Zatanna
3 The Flash
3 Green Lantern
3 Martian Manhunter
4 Batman
4 Superman
4 Wonder Woman
1 Copperhead
1 The Joker
1 The Shade
2 Deadshot
2 Dr. Destiny
2 Star Sapphire
3 Brainiac
3 Sinestro
3 Ultra-Humanite
4 Darkseid
4 Mongul
4 Solomon Grundy

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