1993 SkyBox : DC SkyCaps

1993 SkyBox : DC SkyCaps

DC SkyCaps from Skybox International were released in July 1993. DC SkyCaps are based on the Hawaiian milk cap cover game, commonly known as POGs. The series is comprised of 60 caps that depict super heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe. Each cap measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.

Packs originally retailed for $1.49. Boxes contain 36 packs. Each pack contains six SkyCaps and one instruction card. Foil-stamped logo odds are approximately 1:6 packs. "DC SkyCap Slammer" odds are approximately 1:36 packs, or about one per box.

Superman appears on #01, and Clark Kent on #02. Both images are from the 1991 Superman Style Guide by José Luis García-López. According to García-López, "Joe Orlando, in charge of licensing at that time, asked me to imitate Jon Bogdanove's style."

1993 SkyBox : DC SkyCaps #1 - Superman

SkyBox began marketing DC SkyCaps with a promotional sheet for the "Reign of the Supermen!" story arc. Sealed packs of 50 punch-out sheets were distributed to comic book and card dealers. Early variations of the promo sheet includes die-cut tabs on each disk, similar to milk cap thumb tabs.

The promo was packaged with the June 1993 issue of Tuff Stuff magazine and two-pack bundles of DC Cosmic Teams Trading Cards. The sheet is included with the Limited Collector's Set of The Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993).

1993 SkyBox : DC SkyCaps Superman Promo

Promo packs for other SkyCaps were distributed at the 14th National Sports Collectors Convention in July 1993. SkyBox printed caps for Batman: Knightfall, Batman Forever, Jurassic Park, Last Action Hero, Malibu Comics, NFL, The Simpsons, and characters created by Jim Lee.

Approximately ten billion POGs and collectible milk caps were sold worldwide from 1994–1998.

DC SkyCaps Checklist
1 Superman
2 Clark Kent
3 The Last Son of Krypton
4 The Man of Tomorrow
5 Superboy
6 The Man of Steel
7 Ma & Pa Kent
8 Lois Lane
9 Supergirl
Foes of Superman
10 Doomsday
11 Mr. Mxyzptlk
12 Lex Luthor
13 Brainiac
14 Parasite
15 Metallo
16 Batman
17 The Joker
18 Robin
Justice League
19 Guy Gardner
20 Bloodwynd
21 Blue Beetle
22 Flash
23 Green Lantern
24 Wonder Woman
25 Booster Gold
26 Fire
27 Ice
28 Metamorpho
29 Elongated Man
30 Aquaman
31 Martian Manhunter
Power Players
32 Hourman
33 John Stewart
34 Black Condor
35 Black Lightning
36 The Creeper
37 Deathstroke
38 Geo-Force
39 Guardian
40 Nghtwing
41 Pantha
42 Peacemaker
43 Hawkman
44 Shazami
45 Lobo
46 Orion
47 Green Arrow
Super Villians
48 Dead Shot
49 Monarch
50 Ocean Master
51 Phobia
52 Vandal Savage
53 Kanjar Ro
54 Darkseid
Instructions / Checklist
Instructions / Caddy Advertisement
Foil Slammer (1:36)
DC SkyCap Slammer
Foil SkyCap (1:6)
F1 Superman Logo
F2 The Last Son of Krypton Logo
F3 The Man of Tomorrow Logo
F4 Superboy Logo
F5 The Man of Steel Logo
F6 Batman Logo
Promo Sheet
DC SkyCap Slammer
The Man of Tomorrow
The Last Son of Krypton
The Man of Steel