1985–1987 Cromy : Super Amigos Match 4

1985–1987 Cromy : Super Amigos Match 4

The 1st Edition of the Super Amigos Match 4 card game was released in 1985 by Cromy, a game manufacturer in Argentina. The gameplay is similar to the Super Powers Collection Match Game released by Kenner.

Each cards measures approximately 6 x 9.5 cm. The text on the game cards is printed in Spanish. Both releases contain 32 character cards from the DC Super Powers universe. All images are from the DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano.

The "Nueva Edicion" was released in 1987. The New Edition includes Jack Kirby Fourth World characters from The New Gods.  Superman appears on gamecard A1 in both editions of the game.

1985 Cromy : Super Amigos Match 4 - A1 - Superman 1987 Cromy : Super Amigos Match 4 - Nueva Edicion - A1 - Superman

A Super Amigos sticker album was also released by Cromy in 1987. Similar Superman card games were later issued in Argentina in 1991 and 1994.

1985 Checklist
A1 Superman
A2 Flash
A3 Firestorm
A4 Manhunter
B1 Batman
B2 Robin
B3 Tornado Rojo
B4 Flecha Verde (Green Arrow)
C1 Shazam
C2 Dr. Fate
C3 Linterna Verde (Green Lantern)
C4 Aquaman
D1 Joven Flash
D2 El Halcon (Hawkman)
D3 Cyborg
D4 Atomo (The Atom)
E1 Mujer Maravilla (Wonder Woman)
E2 Mujer Halcon (Hawkwoman)
E3 Batichica (Batgirl)
E4 Super Chica (Supergirl)
F1 Chica Maravilla (Wonder Girl)
F2 Raven
F3 Black Canary
F4 Starfire
G1 El Pinguino (The Penguin)
G2 Gatubela (Catwoman)
G3 El Acertijo (The Riddler)
G4 El Guason (The Joker)
H1 Brainiac
H2 Lex Luthor
H3 Sangre (Brother Blood)
H4 Amazo
Match 4 Promo
Rule Card
Red Wild Card
Yellow Wild Card
1987 Checklist
A1 Superman
A2 Batman y Robin
A3 Miracle
A4 Super Boy
B1 Orion
B2 Jerico
B3 Changeling
B4 Nightwing
C1 Mujer Maravilla (Wonder Woman)
C2 Zatana
C3 Batichica (Batgirl)
C4 Cheetah
D1 Aquaman
D2 Samurai
D3 Mr. Freeze
D4 Cyclotron
E1 Flecha Verde (Green Arrow)
E2 Faraon Dorado (Golden Pharaoh)
E3 (Martian) Manhunter
E4 Dr. Fate
F1 Darkseid
F2 Steppenwolf
F3 Parademon
F4 De Saad
G1 El Pinguino (The Penguin)
G2 El Gauson (The Joker)
G3 El Acertijo (The Riddler)
G4 Batubela (Catwoman)
H1 Lex Luthor
H2 Tyr
H3 Kalibak
H4 Mantis
Title Card
Comodin (Wild Card)
Reglamento (Rule Card)

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