1983 Topps : Superman III

In 1983, Topps released a set of trading cards and stickers comprised of scenes from the third Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor. The Superman III set is comprised of 99 base cards and 22 stickers. Boxes contain 36 wax packs. Each wax pack contains 10 cards, a sticker, and a stick of bubble gum.

The designs are similar to the 1978 Topps series with the shield emblem returning to the front of the cards. The Superman emblem used in the films was designed by Bob Peak. The film logo modifies Ira Schnapp's original telescoping design. The more rounded logo would not appear until Superman vol. 1, #386, dated August 1983.
1983 Topps Superman III - 1 - Title Card
The base cards contain a yellow frame with black borders. Numbering is moved to the back for this series. The stickers are striped red and white with a blue frame.
1983 Topps Superman III - Sticker 12
The 1984 release of Supergirl was the last series Topps produced for the Salkind Superman universe. There were no licensed cards issued for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace or the Superboy television series. Topps would not publish another Superman trading card set until the 2006 release of Superman Returns.

Uncut factory sheets of the cards and stickers were released to the public. Some cards from the 1983 set have been stamped in gold foil by Topps and reissued as buyback inserts in the 2011 American Pie series.

Memorabilia cards containing a piece of cape worn by Christopher Reeve were randomly inserted into boxes of MLB A Piece of History in 2008.

1984 Superman III Poster

The checklist consists of 99 base cards and 22 stickers.

1983 Topps : Superman III
1 Title Card
2 A Comic Catastrophe!
3 Has Superman Been Snagged?
4 Soaring through the City!
5 The Crime-Fighter from Krypton
6 A New Kind of 'Car Pool'!
7 Clark to the Rescue!
8 A Nimble Feat--Almost
9 A Gloomy Gus Gorman
10 Computer Whiz!
11 In Perry White's Office
12 Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson
13 Smallville's Finest!
14 Off on Vacation!
15 On the Road to Smallville
16 The Chemical Plant Disaster
17 A Job for Superman
18 Courageous Photographer
19 The Resourceful Superman
20 Slide to Safety
21 Jimmy Olsen--Injured!
22 Into the Fray
23 Rescuing Jimmy Olsen
24 In the Nick of Time!
25 Astounding Ice-Breath!
26 The Enormous Ice Platter!
27 A Dapper Clark Kent!
28 The Smallville High Reunion
29 Greeting Lana Lang
30 Gus Has a Plan
31 Millionaire Ross Webster
32 Gus and Lorelei Ambrosia
33 Clark Kent 'Bumps' into Gus
34 The Picnic
35 Ricky in the Wheat Fields
36 Terror of the Thresher
37 Saving Ricky's Life
38 A New Found Friend
39 At the Bowling Alley
40 Creepy Brad Wilson
41 Gus Gorman's Ploy
42 The Way to Brad's Heart
43 The Ski Resort Penthouse
44 Gus Describes the Hurricane Affair
45 Lorelei Ambrosia
46 Skiing in Metropolis?
47 Smallville Honors Superman
48 The Esteemed Speaker
49 General Gus Gorman?
50 The Deadly Gift
51 Friends ... or Foes?
52 De-Leaning the Pisa Tower
53 The Villains Exercise Their Options
54 Goodness at the Crossroads
55 The 'Ultimate Computer' Scheme
56 Awaiting Superman's Arrival
57 A Disgraceful Superman
58 Spotting Superman
59 An Evil Superman?
60 Challenged by Clark Kent
61 The Man of Steel vs. Himself
62 Dastardly Nemesis
63 Clark Kent--Defeated?
64 Car Crusher Terror
65 Clark Kent's Fight for Life!
66 Goodness Triumphant!
67 A Hero Once Again!
68 Back in Action!
69 Righting Wrongs with Heat-Vision
70 In Search of Ross Webster
71 Balloon Escape!
72 The Only Way To Travel!
73 The Fantastic Computer
74 Confronting His Foes
75 The Computer Attacks!
76 Controlling the Computer
77 Trapped!!
78 Strength of the Man of Steel
79 The Kryptonite Ray
80 Enveloped by the Ray!
81 Gus Gorman Turns on His Creation!
82 Is Superman Doomed?
83 Vera's Monstrous Fate!
84 Robotized!
85 Attacking Lorelei Ambrosia!
86 Robot on the Rampage
87 Gus Gorman Is Zapped!
88 Allies at Last!
89 The Plan of Superman
90 Acid Indigestion Death!
91 Destruction of the Ultimate Computer
92 Giving Gus Gorman a Lift!
93 Stopping Off at the Coal Mine
94 Transforming Coal into a Diamond
95 The Friends Depart
96 A Gift from Superman
97 Lana Lang at the Daily Planet
98 Superman Flies Again!
99 Superman III Checklist
1 The Man of Steel
2 Lana Lang
3 Ross Webster
4 Gus Gorman
5 Lorelei Ambrosia
6 Vera Webster
7 Jimmy Olsen
8 Lois Lane
9 Clark Kent
10 "General" Gus Gorman
11 Superman flying, black background
12 Superman flying, blue background
13 Image from Card no. 13
14 Image from Card no. 19
15 Image from Card no. 25
16 Image from Card no. 34
17 Image from Card no. 51
18 Image from Card no. 69
19 Image from Card no. 75
20 Image from Card no. 78
21 Image from Card no. 80
22 Image from Card no. 84

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