1980 Topps : Superman II Picture Cards

1980 Topps : Superman II Picture Cards

The adventure continues...

1980 Topps Superman II - #1 - Title Card

Superman II, starring Christopher Reeve, opened in theaters on June 19, 1981. Topps Chewing Gum issued a series of picture cards and stickers featuring scenes from the sequel. The cards are copyrighted 1980 and the stickers are copyrighted 1978. Director Richard Donner originally filmed both parts of the film simultaneously.

1980 Topps - Superman II Sticker #1

A complete Superman II set is comprised of 88 base cards and 22 stickers. Packs were originally sold for 25 cents each. A wax pack contains 11 cards, a sticker, and a piece of bubble gum. Boxes contain 36 wax packs. The series was also distributed in a cellophane "Rak-Pak" of 48 cards. The rack packs were sold in boxes of 24.

1980 Topps - Superman II Puzzle E

The designs are similar to the 1978 Topps series, replacing the shield emblem with a Superman II film logo. The base cards contain red outer borders. The "Kryptonian Crystal Bank Archives" ten-card subset showcases the main cast of characters.

1980 Topps Superman II - #2 - The Man of Steel

The base card backs feature puzzle pieces, scene descriptions, and production factoids. The card puzzle pieces form three different 9-card images: a red bordered image of Superman, an orange bordered image of Zod, or a blue bordered image of Non. The backs of the "Kryptonian Crystal Bank Archives" cards contain a character profile.

1980 Topps Superman II - #2 - The Man of Steel (Back)

The Superman II stickers have a yellow background. Sticker backs assemble a ten-piece blue bordered image of Superman or a purple bordered image of Ursa. The Superman emblem used for the films was designed by Bob Peak.

1980 Topps Superman II - #19 - Superman Emblem

The 1978 Topps Series 2 release may be confused as Superman II due to the red border design and similar nomenclature. Topps issued a trading card set for the sequel Superman III in 1983.

The Topps Vault has released the original color proof sets to the public. Various cards from the 1980 series have been stamped in gold foil by Topps as buyback inserts in the 2011 Topps American Pie and 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary series.

1980 Topps Superman II Dealer Sheet

1980 Topps : Superman II Checklist
1 Superman II Title Card
Kryptonian Crystal Bank Archives
2 The Man of Steel
3 Clark Kent Reporter
4 Newswoman Lois Lane
5 General Zod
6 The Monstrous Non
7 Beautiful But Deadly Ursa
8 Lara, Mother of Superman
9 Bumbling Crook Otis
10 Editor Perry White
11 Young Jimmy Olsen
12 Superman to the Rescue!
13 Zooming into the Sky!
14 Trapped by Terrorists!
15 Phantom Zone Villains - Released!
16 Clark Kent Smells a Scoop!
17 They Don't Make Taxi Cabs Like They Used To!
18 Terror on the Moon
19 Hulking Villain from Krypton
20 The Fortress of Solitude
21 The Niagara Falls Affair
22 Undercover Assignment!
23 A Child In Danger!
24 Saved from Certain Death!
25 Reporters on the Job!
26 Rescued by... Clark Kent?
27 His Secret Revealed
28 Flying to Superman's Pad
29 Sky Trek
30 Inside the Fortress of Solitude
31 A Very Special Mission...
32 Fastest Boyfriend on Earth!
33 Dinner For Two!
34 Villains Arrive on Earth
35 Snake Trouble!
36 Ursa's Deadly Heat Rays
37 Non Tests his Powers
38 Welcome to our Country!
39 Bullets Have No Effect!
40 Superman's Great Sacrifice
41 A Message from Beyond
42 Inside the Mysterious Chamber
43 The Strength-Removing Process Begins!
44 Superman.... Now a Mere Mortal!
45 A New Beginning... Or End?
46 Villains Wreak Havoc!
47 The Unstoppable Non!
48 Changing the Face of the World
49 Belted by a Bully!
50 A Desperate Appeal!
51 The Crystal Survives!
52 Back in Action!
53 Master of the World?
54 Raiding the Daily Planet!
55 The Destructors
56 Perry White Hits the Ceiling!!
57 The Bringers of Hate
58 Holding Lois Lane Hostage
59 The Man of Steel Returns!
60 The Destructive Heat Rays!
61 The Coolest Man in Town!
62 Panic in Metropolis
63 Battle of the Kryptonians
64 Superman Cages Non!
65 A City in Shambles!
66 One Way to Catch a Bus!
67 Ursa Hurls a Deadly Lid
68 Has Superman Been Defeated?
69 Destructive Winds
70 Destroying Metropolis!
71 Reflecting the Villains' Powers
72 A Fight to the Finish!
73 Spectacular Battle!
74 Ring-Side Seats!
75 Speeding Across the World
76 Invading Superman's Home
77 Showdown at the Fortress of Solitude
78 The Villains' Trump Card
79 The Final Stand
80 Lois Lane... Hostage!
81 A Clever Trick!
82 Getting A Boot Out of Ursa!
83 The Tables are Turned!
84 Kiss of Forgetfulness
85 Getting Even, Superman style!
86 Defender of Liberty
87 Until Next Time...!
88 Superman II Checklist
1 Superman
2 Clark Kent
3 Lois Lane
4 Non
5 General Zod
6 Jimmy Olsen
7 Ursa
8 Perry White
9 Otis
10 The Man of Steel
11 Phantom Zone Villains
12 Purple Border Puzzle
13 Superman / Lois Lane
14 Superman
15 Three Against One
16 Zod choke-hold
17 Flagpole
18 Flying cutout
19 Superman Emblem
20 Superman II
21 Superman Emblems
22 The Staff of The Daily Planet

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