2011 Topps : American Pie Trading Cards

A Celebration of American Pop Culture

2011 Topps : American Pie Trading Cards

The third series of American Pie Trading Cards were released on December 14, 2011, by The Topps Company, Inc. The 2011 American Pie series showcases memorable figures and moments throughout American history from 1945 to 2011. Each box contains 24 packs with 8 cards per pack. Packs with a relic, stamp, cut signature, coin, or patch will contain fewer than 8 cards. Each card has a foil parallel found in approximately 1:4 packs and a "Spotlight" parallel that is serial numbered to 76.

Christopher Reeve appears in the base set on card #130: "Reeve's first major movie role was actually two: the title character in Superman: The Movie and the Man of Steel's civilian counterpart, Clark Kent. Two months of rigorous training helped the 25-year-old actor beef up his 6-foot-4 frame. Christopher's acclaimed portrayal in the 1978 film made him an instant star internationally and spawned three sequels."

2011 Topps American Pie #- 130 - Christopher Reeve

The "Hollywood Walk of Fame" insert set showcases 50 different stars honored at the historic landmark in Los Angeles, California. The odds of finding an a "Hollywood Walk of Fame" insert are approximately 1:3 packs. Variants of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" cards contain a manufactured star patch serial numbered to 50. The odds of finding a patch relic are 1:278 packs.

Christopher Reeve appears on card HWF-5. Reeve was presented with a sidewalk star at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard on April 15, 1997. "Reeve, the descendant of a host of prominent politicians and jurists, attained global stardom as the lead in 1978's Superman: The Movie. Even after becoming a quadriplegic in an equestrian accident, he worked when possible and used his celebrity for charitable causes."

2011 Topps American Pie - HWF-5 - Christopher Reeve

Reeve also appears on "Coin Collection" card variations that contain a Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, or Half Dollar. Each version is serial numbered to 25. The odds of finding a "Coin Collection" card are 1:1,854 packs.

American Pie includes Autograph and Autograph Relic cards for actor Dean Cain. Cain portrayed Superman and Clark Kent in Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, and Dr. Curtis Knox in Smallville. "Dean, formerly a football player at Princeton who signed with the Buffalo Bills, is most recognized as the star of Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, which aired from 1993–97. He continues to work successfully in TV, film, and commercials."

"Fads & Fashions" inserts are found in approximately 1:4 packs. Card FF-1 showcases the Hawaiian milk cap game known as POGs. The game pieces featured in the photo are not officially licensed by the World POG Federation. Serrated disks are known as Tazos in some Spanish speaking countries.

2011 Topps American Pie - Fads & Fashions FF1 - POGs

Original cards throughout the history of Topps have been stamped in gold foil and reissued as Buyback inserts. Buyback card odds are approximately one per box. Buybacks have been observed from 1978 Superman: The Movie, 1980 Superman II, and the 1983 Superman III trading card sets. Topps reissued Superman buyback cards in the 2002 American Pie: Spirit of America Edition and the 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary series.

Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
1 World War II Ends
2 Bob Hope
3 Bud Abbott / Lou Costello
4 The Bikini
5 Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis
6 Jimmy Stewart
7 The Volkswagen Beetle Comes to the Us
8 Jackie Robinson
9 Aliens in Our Midst
10 Marlon Brando
11 The Doomsday Clock Is Set
12 Bing Crosby
13 Hells Angels Founded
14 First Instant Camera
15 The Kinsey Reports
16 The Emmy Awards
17 Death of a Salesman
18 Grady the Cow
19 Joe Louis
20 1984
21 First Nascar Race
22 Hopalong Cassidy Premieres on TV
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
23 Diners Club Is First Credit Card
24 Peanuts Debuts
25 Groucho Marx
26 First Pager Introduced
27 World’s First Remote Control
28 Spencer Tracy
29 Dennis the Menace Debuts
30 Humphrey Bogart
31 The Catcher in the Rye
32 Lucille Ball / Desi Arnaz
33 The Today Show Debuts
34 Frank Sinatra
35 First Corvette Released
36 First Playboy Published
37 Gary Cooper
38 Hank Williams
39 Vincent Price
40 The First Color TV
41 Iwo Jima Memorial
42 Rock Around the Clock
43 4/11/54 – the Most Boring Day
44 First Sports Illustrated
45 The First Transistor Radio
46 Burger King
47 Tv Dinners
48 Scrabble
49 Kroc Opens First Mcdonald’s
50 Disneyland Opens
51 Jackie Gleason
52 The Guiness Book of World Records
53 James Dean Dies
54 Duke Ellington
55 Grace Kelly
56 Marciano Retires Undefeated
57 Nat King Cole
58 The Frisbee
59 Dr. Seuss
60 American Bandstand
61 The Edsel Flops
62 On the Road
63 Leave it to Beaver
64 The Peace Symbol
65 The Jim Henson Company
66 Orson Welles
67 Donna Reed
68 Motown Records Founded
69 Barbie Debuts
70 Miles Davis
71 Pantyhose Invented
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
72 Rod Serling
73 Alfred Hitchcock
74 Elizabeth Taylor
75 The Fantasticks Begins
76 Birth Control Pill in Us
77 To Kill a Mockingbird
78 The Fantastic Four Debuts
79 Catch-22
80 Wal-mart Founded
81 Warhol’s Soup Cans
82 Carson Takes Over the Tonight Show
83 Zip Codes Introduced
84 First Push-button Phone
85 Instant Replay’s First Use
86 Ball Invents Smiley Face
87 Jeopardy!
88 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
89 Lenny Bruce
90 Beatles Play Shea Stadium
91 A Charlie Brown Christmas
92 Gene Roddenberry
93 Cary Grant
94 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
95 Hot Wheels
96 60 Minutes
97 Louis Armstrong
98 The Saturday Evening Post
99 The Godfather Published
100 Jimi Hendrix
101 The First ATM
102 The Brady Bunch
103 Sesame Street
104 John Wayne
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
105 American Top 40 Debuts
106 Johnny Cash
107 All in the Family
108 John Lennon
109 George Carlin
110 The Price Is Right
111 Pong
112 First Handheld Cell Phone
113 World Trade Center Opens
114 Secretariat’s Triple Crown
115 The Battle of the Sexes
116 “I Am Not a Crook.”
117 Wire Walk Between WTC Towers
118 First UPC Scanned
119 Rubiks Cube
120 Wheel of Fortune
121 John Belushi
122 Apple Founded
123 Ramones Release Debut
124 America’s Bicentennial
125 The Muppet Show
126 Roots
127 Commodore Pet Is Released
128 Atari 2600 Released
129 Saturday Night Fever
130 Christopher Reeve
131 Atlantic City
132 Garfield Debuts
133 ESPN Launches
134 Richard Pryor
135 The Walkman Is Released
136 The First Happy Meal
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
137 The Miracle on Ice
138 Pac-man
139 CNN Launches
140 Who Shot J.R.?
141 MTV Means Music All Day
142 Luke & Laura Marry on Gh
143 CDs Revolutionize Music
144 Michael Jackson’s Thriller
145 Final Episode of M*A*S*H
146 Apple Macintosh Released
147 Court Allows Home Recording
148 We Are the World
149 New Coke
150 Route 66 Decommissioned
151 Live Aid
152 Nintendo’s NES Released
153 Calvin and Hobbes
154 Fred “Mister” Rogers
155 Windows 1.0
156 Tetris
157 Opening Capone’s Vault
158 Hands Across America
159 The Oprah Winfrey Show
160 Tear Down This Wall!
161 Baby Jessica
162 Seinfeld Premieres
163 The Simpsons Premieres
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
164 Pale Blue Dot
165 World Wide Web Launched
166 Freddie Mercury Tribute
167 The Real World Premiers
168 Doom Is Released
169 Nancy Kerrigan Attacked
170 Kurt Cobain Suicide
171 DVD Introduced
172 O.J. Simpson Found Not Guilty
173 Unabomber Arrested
174 Titanic
175 Google Founded
176 Napster Debuts
177 US Wins Women’s World Cup
178 Lance Armstrong Wins 1st Tour
Foil (1:4 packs), Spotlight #/76
179 Y2K Dud – New Millenium
180 Survivor Premiers
181 September 11th
182 Enron Bankruptcy
183 First Ipod Released
184 Martha Stewart Indicted
185 Human Genome Project
186 Saddam Hussain Captured
187 Facebook Founded
188 Blogging Takes It’s Place
189 YouTube Launches
190 Twitter Launches
191 Last Harry Potter Released
192 Michael Phelps Wins 8 Golds
193 Barack Obama Elected President
194 Bernie Madoff Arrested
195 Michael Jackson Dies
196 Kanye Interrupts Swift
197 Jersey Shore Premiers
198 Osama Bin Laden Killed
199 Steve Jobs 1955–2011
200 Hurricane Irene
Fads & Fashions
1:4 packs
FF-2 Pet Rocks
FF-3 Slap Bracelets
FF-4 Trucker Hats
FF-5 Hula Hoops
FF-6 Coonskin Caps
FF-7 Poodle Skirts
FF-8 3D Movies
FF-9 Rickie Tickie Stickers
FF-10 Troll Dolls
FF-11 Lava Lamps
FF-12 Go-Go Boots
FF-13 Mood Rings
FF-14 Hypercolor T-Shirts
FF-15 Big Hair
FF-16 Baby On Board
FF-17 Friendship Bracelets
FF-18 The Macarena
FF-19 Bleached Hair
FF-20 Beanie Babies
FF-21 Tickle Me Elmo
FF-22 Texas Hold ’em
FF-23 The Atkins Diet
FF-24 Livestrong Wristbands
FF-25 Flagpole Sitting
FF-26 Goldfish Swallowing
FF-27 Kilroy Was Here
FF-28 Superballs
FF-29 Telephone Booth Stuffing
FF-30 Zoot Suits
Hirsute History
1:6 packs
HH-1 Horseshoe Moustash
HH-2 The Mullet
HH-3 Muttonchops
HH-4 Chinstrap Beard
HH-5 Soul Patch
HH-6 Goatee
HH-7 Pompadour
HH-8 Beehive
HH-9 The Rachel
HH-10 Caesar
HH-11 Bob
HH-12 Handlebar Moustache
HH-13 Sideburns
HH-14 Fauxhawk
HH-15 Mohawk
HH-16 Blowout
HH-17 Feathered Hair
HH-18 The Afro
HH-19 Dreadlocks
HH-20 Cornrows
Hollywood Walk of Fame
HWFP Manufactured Patch #/50, 1:278 packs
HWF-1 Alfred Hitchcock
HWF-2 Bing Crosby
HWF-3 Bob Hope
HWF-4 Cary Grant
HWF-5 Christopher Reeve
HWF-6 Chuck Berry
HWF-7 Dean Martin
HWF-8 Duke Ellington
HWF-9 Elizabeth Taylor
HWF-10 Frank Sinatra
HWF-11 Mister Rodgers
HWF-12 Gary Cooper
HWF-13 Gene Roddenberry
HWF-14 George Carlin
HWF-15 Hank Williams
HWF-16 Humphrey Bogart
HWF-17 James Stewart
HWF-18 Jimi Hendrix
HWF-19 John Belushi
HWF-20 John Lennon
HWF-21 John Wayne
HWF-22 Johnny Cash
HWF-23 Louis Armstrong
HWF-24 Lucille Ball
HWF-25 Marilyn Monroe
HWF-26 Marlon Brando
HWF-27 Miles Davis
HWF-28 Richard Pryor
HWF-29 Rod Serling
HWF-30 Walt Disney
HWF-31 Grace Kelly
HWF-32 Groucho Marx
HWF-33 Orson Welles
HWF-34 Spencer Tracy
HWF-35 Vincent Price
HWF-36 Buster Keaton
HWF-37 Cecil B. DeMille
HWF-38 Charlie Chaplin
HWF-39 Clark Gable
HWF-40 Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
HWF-41 Errol Flynn
HWF-42 Fred Astaire
HWF-43 George Burns
HWF-44 Harry Houdini
HWF-45 James Cagney
HWF-46 Joanne Woodard
HWF-47 Leslie Nielsen
HWF-48 Mickey Rooney
HWF-49 Rodney Dangerfield
HWF-50 Sammy Davis Jr.
American Pie Pieces
APCR-GK Grassy Knoll (JFK)
APCR-SL Statue Of Liberty
APCR-GB Gettysburg
APCR-LCT Lewis & Clark Trail
American Pie Relics
* redemption
APR-1 Mickey Rooney
APR-2 A.J. Hammer
APR-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APR-4 * Shanna Moakler
APR-5 Trista Sutter
APR-6 Kato Kaelin
ARP-7 Joe Gannascoli
APR-8 Jimmie Walker
APR-9 * Andrew Zimmern
APR-10 John O’Hurley
APR-11 Tia Carrere
APR-12 * Tom Arnold
APR-13 Paul Teutul Sr.
APR-14 Joey Fatone
APR-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APR-16 Dean Cain
APR-17 Justin Willman
APR-18 Sean Astin
APR-19 Buddy Valastro
APR-20 Carmen Electra
APA-21 * Jack Hanna
APR-23 Naomi Judd
APR-24 Susan Lucci
ARP-25 Butch Patrick
APR-26 John Ratzenberger
ARP-27 Larry Thomas
APR-28 * Bret Michaels
ARP-29 Don McLean
APR-30 Wilmer Valderama
ARP-31 Henry Winkler
APR-33 Vincent Pastore
APR-34 * Jimi Hendrix
APR-35 Carrot Top
APR-36 * Enrique Iglesias
APR-37 Louie Anderson
APR-38 * Jamie Foxx
American Pie Autographs
APA-1 Mickey Rooney
APA-2 A.J. Hammer
APA-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APA-4 Shanna Moakler
APA-5 Trista Sutter
APA-6 Kato Kaelin
APA-7 Joe Gannascoli
APA-8 Jimmie Walker
APA-9 Andrew Zimmern
APA-10 John O’Hurley
APA-11 Tia Carrere
APA-12 Tom Arnold
APA-13 Paul Teutul Sr.
APA-14 Joey Fatone
APA-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APA-16 Dean Cain
APA-17 Justin Willman
APA-18 Sean Astin
APA-19 Buddy Valastro
APA-20 Carmen Electra
APA-21 Jack Hanna
APA-23 Naomi Judd
APA-24 Susan Lucci
APA-25 Butch Patrick
APA-26 John Ratzenberger
APA-27 Larry Thomas
APA-28 Bret Michaels
APA-29 Don McLean
APA-30 Wilmer Valderrama
APA-31 Henry Winkler
APA-33 Vincent Pastore
APA-35 Carrot Top
APA-36 Enrique Iglesias
APA-37 Louie Anderson
APA-38 Bob Costas
APA-39 Jamie Foxx
Topps 60th Anniversary Autograph #/60
60A-CS Charlie Sheen
American Pie Autograph Relics
1:250 packs
APAR-1 Mickey Rooney
APAR-2 A.J. Hammer
APAR-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APAR-4 Shanna Moakler
APAR-5 Trista Sutter
APAR-6 Kato Kaelin
APAR-7 Joe Gannascoli
APAR-8 Jimmie Walker
APAR-9 Andrew Zimmern
APAR-10 John O’Hurley
APAR-11 Tia Carrere
APAR-12 Tom Arnold
APAR-13 Paul Teutul, Sr.
APAR-14 Joey Fatone
APAR-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APAR-16 Dean Cain
APAR-17 Justin Willman
APAR-18 Sean Astin
APAR-19 Buddy Valastro
APAR-20 Carmen Electra
APAR-21 Jack Hanna
APAR-23 Naomi Judd
APAR-24 Susan Lucci
APAR-25 Butch Patrick
APAR-26 John Ratzenberger
APAR-27 Larry Thomas
APAR-28 Bret Michaels
APAR-29 Don McLean
APAR-30 Wilmer Valderrama
APAR-31 Henry Winkler
APAR-33 Vincent Pastore
APAR-35 Carrot Top
APAR-36 Enrique Iglesias
APAR-37 Louie Anderson
APAR-38 Jamie Foxx
Coin Collection
(1:1,854 packs) Penny #/25, Nickel #/25, Dime #/25, Quarter #/25, Half Dollar #/25
APCC-1 Buster Keaton
APCC-2 John Wayne
APCC-3 Marilyn Monroe
APCC-4 Groucho Marx
APCC-5 Humphrey Bogart
APCC-6 Spencer Tracy
APCC-7 Clark Gable
APCC-8 Gary Cooper
APCC-9 Christopher Reeve
APCC-10 Duke Ellington
APCC-11 Jimi Hendrix
APCC-12 Louis Armstron
APCC-13 Bing Crosby
APCC-14 Rod Serling
APCC-15 Walt Disney
Stamp Collection
1:459 packs
APSC-1 Johnny Cash 1932
APSC-2 James Cagney 1899
APSC-3 Fred Astaire 1899
APSC-4 Bob Hope 1903
APSC-5 John Wayne 1907
APSC-6 Jimmy Stewart 1908
APSC-7 Orson Wells 1915
APSC-8 Frank Sinatra 1915
APSC-9 Mickey Rooney 1920
APSC-10 Marlon Brando
APSC-11 Marilyn Monroe 1926
APSC-12 Grace Kelly 1929
APSC-13 Elizabeth Taylor 1932
APSC-14 Miles Davis 1926
APSC-15 Lucille Ball 1911
Cut Signatures
#1/1 (1:9,000 packs)
APCS-AB Ann Blyth
APCS-AD Angie Dickinson
APCS-BB Brigitte Bardot
APCS-BBU Bobby Burgess
APCS-BF Barbara Feldon
APCS-BN Bob Newhart
APCS-CC Carol Coombs
APCS-CD Charlie Daniels
APCS-CL Cheryl Ladd
APCS-DA Danny Aiello
APCS-DB Debby Boone
APCS-DBR Dave Brubeck
APCS-DCL Dick Clark
APCS-DD Dana Delany
APCS-DK Dean Koontz
APCS-DR Debbie Reynolds
APCS-DS David Shire
APCS-EA Edward Albee
APCS-EG Elliott Gould
APCS-EH Earl Hamner
APCS-FS Felix Silla
APCS-GB Gary Busey
APCS-GL George Lindsey
APCS-HD Hugh Downs
APCS-JB Jacqueline Bisset
APCS-JG John Grisham
APCS-JL Judith Light
APCS-JLA John Landis
APCS-JP Jon Provost
APCS-JR John Romita
APCS-JV Jon Voight
APCS-KL Kenny Loggins
APCS-LB Lauren Bacall
APCS-LE Linda Evans
APCS-MH Monty Hall
APCS-MHA Marvin Hamlisch
APCS-MS Martin Sheen
APCS-NS Neil Simon
APCS-PB Pete Best
APCS-PH Paul Hogan
APCS-RD Robert Duvall
APCS-SJ Shirley Jones
APCS-SM Sarah McLachlan
APCS-TH Tippi Hedren
APCS-TK Ted Koppel
APCS-TR Tim Reid
APCS-TT Ted Turner
APCS-WC Wes Craven
APCS-WPB William Peter Blatty
Cut Signature Relics
#1/1 (1:150,000 packs)
APCSR-1 George H. W. Bush
APCSR-2 Gerald Ford
APCSR-3 Jimmy Carter
APCSR-4 Richard Nixon
APCSR-5 Calvin Coolidge
Dual Cut Signatures
#1/1 (1:44,000 packs)
APDCS-1 Tony Randall / Jack Klugman
APDCS-2 Florence Henderson / Ann B. Davis
APDCS-3 David Prowse / James Earl Jones
APDCS-4 Carl Reiner / Rob Reiner
APDCS-5 Larry Flynt / Milos Forman
APDCS-6 Mike Farrell / Wayne Rogers
APDCS-7 Tyne Daly / Sharon Gless
APDCS-8 Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel
APDCS-9 Alex Trebek / Ken Jennings
APDCS-10 Cheech Marin / Tommy Chong
Quad Cut Signatures
APQCS-1 Jim Davis / Stan Goldberg / Marcus Hamilton / Mort Walker
APQCS-2 Ron Howard / Tom Bosley / Marion Ross / Don Most
APQCS-3 Russell Johnson / Alan Hale Jr. / Tina Louise / Jim Backus
Hollywood Letter Patches
1:93 packs
HSLP-1 Alfred Hitchcock
HSLP-2 Bob Hope
HSLP-3 Buster Keaton
HSLP-4 Cary Grant
HSLP-5 Cecil B. DeMille
HSLP-6 Charlie Chaplin
HSLP-7 Clark Gable
HSLP-8 Douglas Fairbanks
HSLP-9 Elizabeth Taylor
HSLP-10 Errol Flynn
HSLP-11 Frank Sinatra
HSLP-12 Fred Astaire
HSLP-13 Gary Cooper
HSLP-14 Grace Kelly
HSLP-15 Groucho Marx
HSLP-16 Humphrey Bogart
HSLP-17 James Cagney
HSLP-18 James Stewart
HSLP-19 John Wayne
HSLP-20 Marilyn Monroe
HSLP-21 Marlon Brando
HSLP-22 Mickey Rooney
HSLP-23 Orson Welles
HSLP-25 Spencer Tracy
Hollywood Letter Patches Fold-Out
Hobby Redemption #1/1
HSLP-1 Alfred Hitchcock
HSLP-2 Bob Hope
HSLP-3 Buster Keaton
HSLP-4 Cary Grant
HSLP-5 Cecil B. DeMille
HSLP-6 Charlie Chaplin
HSLP-7 Clark Gable
HSLP-8 Douglas Fairbanks
HSLP-9 Elizabeth Taylor
HSLP-10 Errol Flynn
HSLP-11 Frank Sinatra
HSLP-12 Fred Astaire
HSLP-13 Gary Cooper
HSLP-14 Grace Kelly
HSLP-15 Groucho Marx
HSLP-16 Humphrey Bogart
HSLP-17 James Cagney
HSLP-18 James Stewart
HSLP-19 John Wayne
HSLP-20 Marilyn Monroe
HSLP-21 Marlon Brando
HSLP-22 Mickey Rooney
HSLP-23 Orson Welles
HSLP-25 Spencer Tracy

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