2012 Cryptozoic : Smallville Seasons 7–10 Trading Cards

2012 Cryptozoic : Smallville Seasons 7–10 Trading Cards

Smallville Trading Cards Seasons 7–10, aka "The Final Seasons," were released by Cryptozoic Entertainment on May 30, 2012. Each box contains 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. Special insert odds are approximately 3:24 packs, or three per hobby box. Fourteen cast members have signed autograph cards for this set. There is one autograph card inserted in each box.

Season 7 of Smallville premiered on The CW Television Network on September 27, 2007. Smallville aired for 10 seasons until the finale on May 13, 2011. The critically acclaimed series followed an adolescent Clark Kent from his adopted Kansas hometown to the big city of Metropolis.

The series finale features Clark finally changing into Superman. The House of El family crest was based on the design from Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh.

Smallville: Finale, Part 2, May 13, 2011

"Wardrobe" cards feature show-worn costume memorabilia from seasons 710. The odds of finding a "Wardrobe" insert or redemption card are approximately 2:24, or two per hobby box. Redemptions could be exchanged for a 4x6 inch dual-relic worn by Tom Welling. Cryptozoic released an album binder with an exclusive "Wardrobe" card featuring authentic pieces of The Blur's black t-shirt


Dean Cain, who previously portrayed Clark in Superman & Lois: The New Adventures of Superman, guest-starred as the immortal Dr. Curtis Knox.

Helen Slater guest starred on Smallville as Lara-El, the biological mother of Clark Kent, in season 7 and 10. Slater previously starred as Clark's cousin Kara Zor-El in the 1984 Supergirl film from Tri-Str Pictures. From 2015–2021, Slater portrayed Eliza Danvers, the adopted mother of Kara Danvers on the Supergirl television series.

Inkworks previously released the trading card sets for Smallville seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. After 14 years, Inkworks ceased operations on March 13, 2009.

In 2020, Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprised their roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane in The CW "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event.

Base Checklist
1 Smallville: The Final Seasons
2 Clark Kent
3 Lois Lane
4 Chloe Sullivan
5 Oliver Queen
6 Tess Mercer
7 Lex Luthor
8 Jimmy Olsen
9 Davis Bloom
10 Zod
11 Lana Lang
12 Lionel Luthor
13 Kara Zor-El Kent
14 Jonathan Kent
15 A Dark Challenge
16 Ally or Enemy?
17 Bad and the Beautiful
18 Mad Doctor of Smallville
19 Warrior Angel
20 Dreams of the Past
21 A Powerful Playback
22 Fortress Under Siege
23 The Imperiled
24 Lure of Dark Clark
25 The Canary's Cry
26 The Best of Lex
27 The Powers of Pete Ross
28 The Captive Clark
29 Target: Lana Lang
30 The Killing of Lionel
31 The Reluctant Spy
32 Another Path
33 The Last Survivor
34 The Truth Revealed
35 In Search of Clark
36 Explosive
37 The Poisoning
38 Their Love Revealed
39 Killers at Large
40 Mystery Solved?
41 The Bride of Zod
42 The Infection
43 The Wedding Crasher
44 The Truth about Lana
45 The Grudge
46 Revelations
47 Dangerous Crossing
48 Metamorphosis
49 Bloome's Legacy
50 Unstable
51 The Provokers
52 Destiny of a Hero
53 A New Beginning
54 The Toyman Plays Again
55 Speedy Betrayal
56 Future Shock
57 The Big Chill
58 The Enchanted Comic
59 What You Wish For
60 Blood of a Hero
61 Night of the Banshee
62 A Most Dangerous Game
63 The Return of Metallo
64 After the Blur
65 Threat of the Kandorians
66 Battlefield Earth
67 Chloe's Sacrifice
68 Enter Cat Grant
69 Going Public
70 Reunion in Smallville
71 A Goddess Reborn
72 The Deadly Years
73 The Orphanage
74 Oliver's Ordeal
75 Killer Clark
76 Fall of a Hero
77 Suspicion
78 Threat of Desaad
79 Name of the Game
80 Return of a Killer
81 Escape from the Phantom Zone
82 Farewell to Smallville
83 The Wedding
84 Superman's Debut
85 Checklist
Behind The Scenes (1:6)
BTS1 Clark Kent vs. Green Arrow
BTS2 Lex Luthor: Dead Man?
BTS3 New Direction
BTS4 Heartthrob
BTS5 Trouble in the Fortress of Solitude
BTS6 Clark and Kara Kent
BTS7 Lois Lane in Trouble
BTS8 A Very Special Costume
BTS9 Linda Lake’s Take
Clark & Lois (1:12)
LC1 A Distressing Damsel
LC2 Daily Planet Drama
LC3 Trouble in the Phantom Zone
LC4 Clark Really Notices Lois
LC5 Reporting Partners
LC6 In Love
LC7 Revelation
LC8 Destiny
LC9 Together Forever
Autographs (1:24)
A1 Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer
A2 Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen
A3 Callum Blue as Major Zod
A4 John Glover as Lionel Luthor
A5 Sam Witwer as Davis Bloome
A6 Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen
A7 Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman
A8 Laura Vandervoort as Kara
A9 Margot Kidder as Dr. Bridgette Crosby
A10 Dean Cain as Dr. Curtis Knox
A11 Tori Spelling as Linda Lake
A12 John Schneider as Jonathan Kent
A13 James Marsters as Professor Milton Fine
A14 Terence Stamp as The Voice of Jor-El
Wardrobe (1:24)
M1 Clark Kent's Red Jacket
M2 Clark Kent's Blue T-shirt
M3 Clark Kent's Dark Blue T-hirt
M4 Clark Kent's Black Blur Jacket
M5 Clark Kent's Red Shield Jacket
M6 Clark Kent's Red T-shirt
M7 Clark Kent's Blue Dress Shirt
M8 Davis Bloome's Grey T-shirt
M9 Davis Bloome's Jacket
M10 Davis Bloome's Blue Button-up Shirt
M11 Jimmy Olsen's Blue Button-up Shirt
M12 Lois Lane's Pink Wrap Top
M13 Lois Lane's Purple Top
M14 Chloe Sullivan's Green Dress
M15 Chloe Sullivan's Plum Shirt
M16 Kara Kent's Turquoise Crop Hoodie
M17 Major Zod's Red Sweater
M18 Major Zod's Military Jacket
M19 Major Zod's Black Tank
M20 Tess Mercer's Green Tank
M21 Tess Mercer's Beige Tank
M22 Tess Mercer's Green Military Pants
M23 Tess Mercer's Red Blouse
M24 Lionel Luthor's Black Dress Shirt
M25 Lionel Luthor's Grey Dress Shirt
M26 Linda Lake's Teal Dress
M27 Dr. Curtis Knox's Leather Apron
M28 Milton Fine's Black Shirt
M29 Milton Fine's Green T-shirt
4 x 6 Redemption
R1-R25 Clark Kent's Red Leather Jacket and Blue T-Shirt
Promo Cards
P1 The Blur Non-Sport Update, Vol 23, No. 1 (Feb/Mar 2012)
P2 The Blur Distributors, C2E2 (April 2012)
P3 Lois and Clark Philly Non-Sports Show (April 2012)
Card Album
- Smallville Trading Cards Seasons 7–10
M30 Clark Kent's Black T-shirt