2020 The CW : Crisis on Infinite Earths Promo

In 2020, The CW released a nine-card promotional set for the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event. The five-part crossover aired from December 2019 to January 2020. The storyline is loosely based on the 12-issue "Crisis on Infinite Earths" limited series published from April 1985 to March 1986 by DC Comics. 
The cards feature a different Arrowverse character on each side.

Tyler Hoechlin appears as the Superman of Earth-38 from the Supergirl television series. This version of Superman would later be featured in the Superman & Lois spin-off.
Brandon Routh appears as the Clark Kent and Superman of Earth-96. This Superman is loosely based on the award-winning Elseworlds series Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Routh previously portrayed Kal-El in the the 2006 film Superman Returns and he regularly appeared as Ray Palmer, The Atom, in the Arrowverse. 

In 2022, Cryptozoic Entertainment released a super-premium trading card set that showcases actors and scenes from crossover.

The CW set is comprised of 9 promo cards.

Batwoman / Black Lightning
Superman (Brandon Routh) / Lex Luthor
Flash (Grant Gustin) / Iris West-Allen
Flash (John Wesley Shipp) / Vibe
The Monitor / Harbinger
Supergirl / J'onn J'onzz
John Constantine / Mick Rory
Green Arrow / White Canary
Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) / Lois Lane

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