2023 Hro x DC : Unlock the Multiverse: Chapter 4

DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro combine physical trading cards with digital Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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DC x Hro : Unlock the Multiverse: Chapter 4

Unlock the Multiverse: Chapter 4 was announced on September 22, 2023. Presale orders began on October 11, 2023, at 12:00 pm EDT. The 156-card hybrid collection includes a 30-card subset that showcases artwork from the 2023 DCEU film The Flash. Two limited edition film cards are included in each Flowpack.

Each Chapter 4 pack contains at least one holographic card. Four different Mythic-tier cards are limited to 1,500 hybrid copies each. Rare Mythical packs include all four Mythic cards, three Legendary cards, or the new Hro Tier card.

The Hro Tier card limited to 150 hybrid copies. The Hro Tier odds are approximately one in 5,000 packs. The rare holographic card features a Clark Kent / Kal-El illustration from Superman Unchained #4 (December 2013). The issue was penciled by Jim Lee, inked by Scott Williams, and colored by Alex Sinclair.

2023 DC x Hro : Unlock the Multiverse Chapter 4 - Hro Tier Superman

Common (40.958%)
Super Heroes
A1–A62166 Batman / Dick Grayson
A1–A62166 Big Barda / Barda Free
A1–A62166 Black Canary / Dinah Lance
A1–A62166 Doctor Fate / Kent V. Nelson
A1–A62166 Green Lantern / Hal Jordan
A1–A62166 Hermes
A1–A62166 Kid Flash / Bart Allen
A1–A62166 Shazam! / Billy Batson
A1–A62166 Superboy / Jon Kent
Common : Super Villains
A1–A62166 Doctor Alchemy / Albert Desmond
A1–A62166 Felix Faust
A1–A62166 Green Fairy
A1–A62166 Harley Quinn / Dr. Harleen Quinzel
A1–A62166 H'El
A1–A62166 Lady Shiva / Sandra Wu-San
A1–A62166 Merlyn / Arthur King
A1–A62166 The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot
A1–A62166 Strife / Eris
Common : Locations
A1–A62166 Amusement Mile
A1–A62166 Apokolips
A1–A62166 Cadmus Industries
A1–A62166 Gem City Bridge
A1–A62166 Gotham City's Clock Tower
A1–A62166 The Ocean Depths
A1–A62166 Rip Hunter's Time Lab
A1–A62166 Titans Tower
A1–A62166 The Vanishing Point
Common : Comics
A1–A62166 Action Comics #33 (1941)
A1–A62166 Superman #32 (1945)
A1–A62166 Comic Cavalcade #17 (1946)
A1–A62166 The Brave and the Bold #85 (1969)
A1–A62166 Green Lantern #194 (1986)
A1–A62166 Wonder Woman #0 (1994)
A1–A62166 Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #149 (2001)
A1–A62166 Harley Quinn #22 (2002)
A1–A62166 JSA #72 (2005)
Uncommon : (27.52%)
Uncommon : Objects
A1–A56297 Batman's Cowl
A1–A56297 Cyborg's Cybernetic Organism
A1–A56297 Harley Quinn's Mallet
A1–A56297 Hermes' Caduceus
A1–A56297 The White Lantern Power Battery
Uncommon : Vintage Title Logos
A1–A56297 Batman
A1–A56297 Doctor Fate
A1–A56297 The Flash
A1–A56297 Green Arrow
A1–A56297 Hawkman
A1–A56297 Plastic Man
A1–A56297 Red Tornado
A1–A56297 Supergirl
A1–A56297 Wonder Woman
Uncommon : Iconic Phrases
A1–A56297 Captain Cold
A1–A56297 The Flash
A1–A56297 Nightwing
A1–A56297 The Scarecrow
A1–A56297 Supergirl
Uncommon : Vivid Moments
A1–A56297 Alfred Pennyworth uses the Batcomputer
A1–A56297 Deadman Possesses The Flash
A1–A56297 Diana of Themyscira & Steve Trevor Reunite
A1–A56297 Green Lantern uses his Power Ring
A1–A56297 Harley Quinn Performs with the Skull Bags
A1–A56297 Poison Ivy Tends to her plants
A1–A56297 Queen Hippolyta sculpts Princess Diana from clay
A1–A56297 Supergirl races Jesse Quick
A1–A56297 Wraith chases Superman
Superior (17.12%)
Superior : Pencils
A1–A41459 Aquaman
A1–A41459 Batman
A1–A41459 Darkseid
A1–A41459 Green Lantern
A1–A41459 Harley Quinn & Deadshot
A1–A41459 Wonder Woman
Superior : Alter-Ego
A1–A41459 Superman
A1–A41459 Robin & Red Robin
A1–A41459 Dove
A1–A41459 Power Ring/Green Lantern
Superior : Civilians
A1–A41459 Colonel Jacob Kane
A1–A41459 Colonel Steve Trevor
A1–A41459 Lucius Fox
A1–A41459 Mikey Dowling
Superior : Inks
A1–A41459 Batman & Robin
A1–A41459 Deadman
A1–A41459 Diana Prince
A1–A41459 Green Lantern
A1–A41459 Green Lantern
A1–A41459 Hawkman
A1–A41459 Jervis Tetch
A1–A41459 The Signal
A1–A41459 Superman
Epic (11.85%)
Epic : Panels
A1–A34937 Panel 1 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 2 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 3 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 4 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 5 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 6 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
A1–A34937 Panel 7 - Page 8 of The Flash #41 (1990)
Epic : Head-To-Head
A1–A34937 Aquaman vs. Gorilla Grodd
A1–A34937 Batman vs. Catwoman
A1–A34937 The Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman
A1–A34937 Element Woman vs. Platinum
A1–A34937 Killer Frost vs. Firestorm
A1–A34937 A Manhunter vs. Green Lantern
Epic : Team-Ups
A1–A34937 Batman & Robin
A1–A34937 Demon Knights
A1–A34937 Harley Quinn & The Brooklyn Bruisers
A1–A34937 Justice League
A1–A34937 Scandal Savage & Bane
Epic : Multiverse
A1–A34937 Dick Grayson - Earth 2
A1–A34937 Justice League - Earth 22 (Kingdom Come)
A1–A34937 Lord Havok - Earth 8
A1–A34937 Wonder Woman - Ame-Comi
Legendary (2.47%)
Legendary : Legends
A1–A16955 Bane
A1–A16955 Batman
A1–A16955 Black Alice
A1–A16955 Firefly
A1–A16955 The Flash
A1–A16955 The Question
A1–A16955 The Ray
A1–A16955 Roulette
Mythic (0.08%)
Mythic : The Originals
A1–A1500 Count Vertigo
A1–A1500 Hugo Strange
A1–A1500 Reverse-Flash
A1–A1500 Supergirl
Hro (0.002%)
A1–A150 Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El
Chapter 4 : The Flash
Common: The Flash Panoramas
A1–A127363 The Fastest Man Alive
A1–A127363 Saving the Future and the Past
A1–A127363 The Flash in Focus
A1–A127363 Chronobowl
A1–A127363 Subject Zero
A1–A127363 Barry Allen
A1–A127363 The Caped Crusader
A1–A127363 Two Kids, a Vigilante, and a Solar Powered Alien
Uncommon : Graphic Compositions
A1–A87334 Past. Present. Future.
A1–A87334 Multiverse
A1–A87334 Multiverse Team-Up
A1–A87334 Vibrate Your Molecules
A1–A87334 I'm Batman
A1–A87334 Keep Phasing
A1–A87334 The Crimson Comet
Superior : Illustrations
A1–A67927 Young Flash
A1–A67927 Supergirl
A1–A67927 Batman
A1–A67927 The Flash
A1–A67927 Batwing
A1–A67927 Batmobile
Epic : Motion in the Multiverse
A1–A28938 Super Heroes in Motion
A1–A28938 Teaming Up Together
A1–A28938 Chest Emblems
A1–A28938 Don't Confuse Motion With Action
A1–A28938 Speed Force
A1–A28938 Run
Legendary : Movie Posters
A1–A20335 Batman
A1–A20335 Supergirl
A1–A20335 The Flash
Epic : Character Spotlights
A1–A25426 The Flash
A1–A37651 Reverse-Flash
A1–A31015 Batman
A1–A31015 Super Girl